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Birthday Parties

What to Expect

Kids clay birthday parties last two and a half hours. When you arrive the children will be shown how to make their items whether its's on the wheel or hand built. They will be helped throughout. Once all items are made they will have a chance to decorate them, if not we can decorate them for you.

Once we are finished with the clay, we will head down to the other studio where there is a space for you to have food, you are more than welcome to bring food drinks and cake etc.

Your items will then be ready to collect in 2 weeks time.


Clay Hand Building Party Package- £18 per child

Each child will make a pitch pot and some hanging decorations. They will then be able to decorate their items.

Minimum 5 children required.

*add on a birthday plate for £10.


Coil Hand Building Package- £23 per Child

The children will be shown how to make coils using clay, then how to make them into a vase or mug. They will also make some hanging decorations each. After they have finished making their pieces, they will get the chance to decorate them.

minimum 5 children.

*you can add on a large birthday plate for an extra £10.


Wheel Birthday Parties- £25 per child

The children will get a demonstration of how to throw a cylinder  on the wheel. Then they will make their pots, there will be lots of hands on help. After they will get to choose what colour they want there best two items. As this is much more difficult than handbuilding we recommend it for older children and a maximum of four.


*add on a large birthday plate for £10.

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