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Paint Your Own Pottery

Step 1 - Pick It!

We have a large selection of items for you to choose from. All you need to do is select the item you would like to paint.

Items include:

Plates, mugs, bowls, tea pots, vases, jugs, photo frames, piggy banks and figurines.

Prices range from £10 to £50.

Booking is essential. 

Step 2 - Paint It!

Decide on a design, image or pattern to paint on your item. You can even bring your own if you like.

We have loads of example pieces, and will help you choose a design you are happy with. Feeling a bit unsure? You can trace a design on with some help.

We have over 35 colours to choose from. All our paints are water based and non-toxic so they are easier to wash off from clothes, and making them suitable for everyone, including babies!

Painting once provides a water colour effect, and painting three times gives you a bold opaque colour.


Step 3 - Collect It!

After you have created your masterpiece, it needs to be glazed and placed in the kiln to be fired!. It will be ready for collection in one week, but if you require your creations sooner we will do our best to accommodate you.

Alternatively we can post the items to you for a postal charge.

We can only keep items for a maximum of 3 months if they are not collected.  


Glazing and Firing

While we strive for perfection, there is always the potential that something will go wrong during the glazing and firing process. The kiln can be unpredictable and issues such as glaze spotting and brick dust can occur. 

Please be aware that these issues are outside of our control and can lead to imperfections, but thankfully they do not occur very often.  

In the exceptional event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln, we will offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher. 

Sometimes if we feel it safe to do so we will re-fire the pottery to try and fix glazing issues. 

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